What E-Commerce business need for a landing page.
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What is Landing Page?
Landing Page is where you click on an ads, the immediate site that appears is called landing page. It's a place where your offer is presenting to your prospect with clear and precise information.
Landing Page

All you're seeing now is Landing Page, is a place where you land on after clicked through the ads. Often times, people get confused of landing page and website and thinking that you can have your prospects land on your website instead of landing page. In fact, landing page is the best choice for online ads because when your prospects land on your landing page, they are very clear of what you are selling to them. Also, you can have your prospects a deeper insight of your product; in the mean time, this is the best time to influence them to buy your product. On the other hand, when you have your prospects land on your website, they will be distracted by the noisy environment because your website has got too much things to sell; most of the time, they get distracted.

What AdsHelper offers for Landing Page.
Landing Page Templates. There are many more in-house templates.
Product Add to Cart
PayPal supported by inserting your PayPal email.
YouTube Video
Describe more for your customers with video. Which prove that video turn your conversion higher.
Leads Generation
Here's where your prospects fill in their information, you'll get all of them in Leads Generation. You're able to export them out to Excel File too.
There are many more features in AdsHelper. Other than Landing Page, we've got Ad Banner that keep your products attracted to your prospects. Because AdsHelper is your Digital Advertising tools, we aims to simplify your Digital Advertising process, in the mean time, you'll be able to maximize your profit to the fullest.
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